DarlieLau, started after his completion of a Product Design in The Hong Kong Polytechnic University with the graduation project “Transtroller”. He has studied in product design since 2011 and has been collaborating with different levels and disciplines, from sketch to 3D to objects to interiors to mechanisms…
He explores different aspects from forms to crafts to philosophy, from basic objects to user languages, DarlieLau aims to work with (self) developed ideas and collaborate with different designers and creative groups.

The design studio was established by DarlieLau.

DarlieLau’s vibrant imagination and his continued ability to innovate and take a fresh approach to a seamless blending of East and West is what keeps his work relevant and increasingly in demand across all continents. Therefore, he always tries to achieve the maximum out of the minimum by breaking every idea down to its essential elements, maximum out of the minimum by breaking every idea down to its essential elements, trying in this way to develop products based in usability analysis, materiality, sustainability and visual reduction process. Precise lines and geometrical shapes give user a distinct impression.

Design is about object, but more about people. The research design is a selective, precise and smooth in the collective images of each joint as to inject into the objects. We try to find inspiration from various environments stretching from the human to the culture, through analyzing and processes. Our vision is to combine construction, function and form to enrich the everyday experience.

A feasible design could not be done only by a designer. Be passionate, not afraid of failure, and just love what we do. We want each design to offer something extra, discovered by the user little by little.

“Through communication with engineers, users and products, the design concepts not just can be transformed into real products, but also the industrial production of beauty.”- DarlieLau